Hot Tub & Pool Breaks

Luxury UK Cottages with Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools


Imagine sinking into a deep, bubbly hot-tub with unforgettable views over the coast and countryside, or sitting beneath the stars as you reminisce over holidays past and plan tomorrow's adventure. For those looking for an extra touch of luxury during their escape with Together Travel, why not explore our locations that boast cottages with hot tubs? 

Cottages with hot tubs can be enjoyed rain or shine (or even snow!), all year-round, making them a perfect addition to stay-cations in the Great British coast or countryside. They offer the perfect respite for weary weekday warriors or provide a romantic setting for couples looking to celebrate a special occasion. Whether sunken into the private deck, overlooking rolling hills and valleys, or hidden just outside your luxurious master bedroom, these hot tubs are truly unforgettable.