Five remarkable destinations

Unforgettable experiences filled with extraordinary landscapes

Holidays in Scotland provide nothing less than rugged landscapes, a proud local culture, rich history, toe-tapping music festivals, and spectacular surroundings. From the lochs and glens in the Highlands to the picture-perfect riverside towns of the Scottish Borders, you will never be lost for things to see and do in Scotland’s enchanting locations. 

Our unique locations in Scotland are selected to ensure you make memories that last a lifetime, whether you wish to explore the history of a Hebridean medieval castle or embark on the NC500, travelling through rolling countryside and rugged landscape to venture as far North as possible, celebrating a with a sumptuous stay at John O’Groats

Scotland makes for epic hiking adventures, perfect for nature lovers and bird watchers alike, and the location of our properties makes it easy to enjoy an unmatchable range of local outdoor activities. This is all without mentioning the abundance of Hebridean Marine Life that surrounds Scotland's coastline, from playful seals and nesting Puffins that cling to coastal rocks or the Orca and Dolphin that travel through the deeper Scottish waters. Scotland provides extraordinary experiences inter-twined with its rich local history and culture, proudly showcased by all its residents and impossible not to return home with you. 

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