Budget Holidays UK

For those not wanting to break the bank on a spontaneous escape, we offer a selection of cosy nooks and bijou bolt-holes in the UK that are unforgettable (for all the right reasons!). In the Highlands, our comfortable studio apartments at John O'Groats offer the perfect overnight pit stop for avid travellers, whilst our lavish bedroom-only suites at Lews Castle combine a little luxury with a great price. We also have a beautiful 1 bedroom Hayloft in Cheshire, priced from just £89 per night.

Our Concierge Team are ready and waiting to provide you with all of our current availability (tailored to your specific budget) and would be happy to walk you through all of our latest Special Offers too, securing the perfect budget getaway for yourself and your guests.

Trying to calculate your spending money? Take a look at this handy Budget Calculator.