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Discover What’s Inside SEA LIFE Hunstanton in Norfolk

Get Face-to-Fin With Thousands of Exotic Sea Creatures

Explore an underwater world full of exotic sea creatures while visiting SEA LIFE Hunstanton, Norfolk’s family-friendly marine aquarium. Visitors of all ages can get face-to-fin with everything from sharks to piranhas, penguins, turtles, seals and otters, through fun, interactive themed zones. This state-of-the-art aquarium hosts over 2,000 creatures and a dedicated seal rescue hospital and rehabilitation centre. If you’re planning a family holiday at Whitehall Farm, you won’t want to miss spending the day here. Together Travel Co. would happily help with other suggestions suitable for the entire family. Reach out to our team today to enquire about SEA LIFE prices and other local attractions!


What Is There to See and Do at SEA LIFE Hunstanton?

Over 70% of the planet’s surface is covered by water, the bulk of which are our four oceans (the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic). Millions of creatures call the oceans their home, but the total remains a mystery because we haven’t fully explored them yet. New marine species are identified by scientists every year. Marine aquariums like SEA LIFE Hunstanton allow families to view both favourite and unfamiliar species in a relaxing environment. Aquariums are exciting, educational, and appeal to the public’s imagination. Where else can you see so many exotic species from around the world in one place? A visit to SEA LIFE Hunstanton is an underwater adventure with memories that will last a lifetime. Your family will enjoy several interactive themed zones during your visit, including:

  • Ocean Tunnel – The Ocean Tunnel is one of the most immersive and impressive exhibits at SEA LIFE Hunstanton. This breathtaking zone holds 187,500 litres of natural seawater and houses more than 30 species of fish and other aquatic creatures. Take advantage of underwater viewing to watch sea turtles, sharks, and dozens of other spectacular sea life in their natural habitat.
  • Rainforest Ranger – Immerse yourself in the Amazon rainforest of South America in this zone full of creepy crawlies, reptiles, amphibians, birds, plants, and more. Race a colony of leafcutter ants to find their queen or enjoy a close encounter with a royal python snake. Curiosity and adventure go hand in hand in this unique zone!
  • Otter River – Grab a snack and watch the adorable, resident Asian short-clawed otters swim around their habitat in the Otter River zone. These otters enjoy their specially designed river enclosure, splashing about the running stream and diving pool. Did you know an otter’s favourite snack is peanuts?
  • Penguin Beach – If penguins are your favourite animal, you’ll love observing the Humboldt penguin colony in the Penguin Beach zone. Perfect your penguin waddle with some help from this adorable but mischievous colony. This zone also features Inca Terns, one of the world’s most interesting bird species renowned for their unique “moustaches.”


Say Hello to the Majestic SEA LIFE Hunstanton Animals

Are you ready to dive in and discover thousands of colourful species? SEA LIFE Hunstanton animals hail from every part of the globe. During your visit, you’ll enjoy getting up close and personal with the following:

  • Otters – Did you know that otters make at least 12 different noises to communicate with each other? Otters are social critters, choosing to reside in extended family groups. SEA LIFE Hunstanton has Asian short-clawed otters on display in this specially designed habitat.
  • Sharks – Hum the Jaws theme as you explore the Ocean Tunnel and witness sharks swimming above and around you behind protective glass. SEA LIFE Hunstanton is home to Black Tip Reef Sharks, a species usually found along the tropical coral reefs of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
  • Rays – Rays are among the most mysterious and enchanting ocean species. The Bay of Rays display features various rays, including Cownose Rays and Undulate Rays, gliding through the water while captivating visitors of all ages.
  • Coral Reef Inhabitants – Nearly a quarter of all marine species depend on Coral Reefs for their survival. Watch some of SEA LIFE Hunstanton’s most colourful inhabitants in action, including sea anemones, jellyfish, and clownfish, in the Coral Reef exhibit.
  • Rockpool Creatures – You probably don’t give much notice to rockpools, but they’re home to dozens of tiny creatures. Explore starfish, sea anemones, crabs, and more at SEA LIFE Hunstanton. Visitors can touch sea anemones to get a feel for these rockpool creatures.
  • Turtles – Turtles have thrived for over 200 million years, making them one of the planet’s oldest (and wisest) species. View majestic green sea turtles in the Ocean Tunnel zone. Green sea turtles are among the largest species of marine turtles. Be sure to say ‘ello to Ernie!
  • Penguins – Not all penguins come from cold climates like Antarctica. Watch a colony of Humboldt penguins from South America play, slide, and waddle around on Penguin Beach. You’ll fall in love with these beautiful creatures that are among the world’s greatest swimmers.


One of Norfolk’s Only Seal Rescue & Rehabilitation Centres

SEA LIFE Hunstanton also features one of Norfolk’s only seal rescue and rehabilitation centres open to the public. Since opening in 1989, their seal rescue programme has rescued and rehabilitated more than 750 seals. Six resident seals show rescued pups the ropes in the seal pool as they wait to reach their target weight before being released back to the ocean. View rescued pups and learn more about their animal care team’s dedicated work to rescue, rehabilitate, and release seals into the wild.


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