Newquay Safaris and Fishing

Newquay Safaris and Fishing

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Your journey awaits an unforgettable marine adventure with Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing in Cornwall, a premier sea safari excursions and fishing expeditions provider. Delighting visitors with captivating oceanic explorations and abundant fishing opportunities, they offer a unique glimpse into the richness and diversity of Cornwall's coastal ecosystems. Whether you love to fish or prefer enjoying the marine life up close and personal with snorkeling and sea explorations, thet offer a variety of excursions for you and your family. Contact us today to plan your visit.

Discover Fishing Trips in Newquay 

Embarking on a fishing journey in Newquay is both distinct and remarkable. The semi-tropical weather conditions bring in diverse fish species and sizes, ensuring a memorable fishing experience. Theskippers are always available to help with any questions or assistance you need while on your excursion. Newquay is famous for its rich 5000-year fishing and smuggling history, and the area is sporadic with shipwrecks from various eras. Whether you take your catch home or return it to the ocean is entirely your decision. They provide all the necessary fishing gear and bait for the trip. All you must do is board the Atlantic Diver, the fishing catamaran, and set sail to catch some impressive fish on any of the following safari adventures:

  • Deep Sea Fishing Trips
  • Private charter fishing
  • Wreck and Reef Fishing
  • Conger Fishing
  • Mackerel Fishing

Enjoy the Wonders of Our Sea Safari

Coastal Wildlife Cruises are a perfect family adventure, led by Newquay's sole marine conservationist skipper. This journey offers a unique opportunity to spot dolphins, sharks, and tunas in their natural habitat. The cruise not only provides recreational fun but also serves as an educational trip, enhancing understanding of marine life. It's famous for school outings and university students across Devon & Cornwall. Above all, these cruises are committed to the cause of marine conservation to protect our planet's most unique creatures. If you're interested in a specific safari, here are the options on offer:

  • Seal cove safari
  • Snorkel safari
  • Shark cage diving

What Kind of Boat Do They Use? 

Chris and Annabelle Lowe have operated the Atlantic Diver for over 30 years, expanding its horizons to many marine wildlife adventures. It reaches top speeds of 30 knots and is MCA licensed, WISE accredited, DAN affiliated and insured for 12 passengers up to 60 miles offshore. They provide all safety equipment and materials to ensure a smooth and protected journey. There is a kitchen and cooking area aboard the boat, and it also includes two double bunks, a large deck, and generous seating. This catamaran is suited for various adventures, making for a thrilling day on the water.

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Embarking on sea safaris and fishing trips with Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing in Cornwall is an unforgettable experience. The expert-guided expeditions immerse you in the raw beauty of marine life and the thrill of catching your fish, providing a unique combination of adventure and tranquility. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a nature enthusiast, Newquay Safaris and Fishing promises a journey filled with enriching discoveries that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Contact our team to book your next adventure  today.