Holywell Cave

Holywell Cave

Explore the Richness of Holywell Cave in Cornwall

Venture the Beautiful Beaches of Cornwall 

Holywell Cave offers many adventures for visitors in the Cornwall area. When you're hunting for your next adventure, the beach is loaded with fun activities and things to do. From exploring the caves to surfing and splashing in the waves, there is much beauty and history to uncover. If you're sticking around for a bit of the day, you can find  food and beverages at the Kiosk while as well as toilets you can use. Contact us today for questions and stop by to visit all Holywell has to offer.

What Is Holywell Cave? 

If you're venturing around the beautiful Cornwall, you may discover a small opening that can be entered on the southern cliffs of Kelsey Head. The beachfront merely presents it as a slender opening, yet a series of steps invites one towards a collection of terraced pools that ascend towards a gap in the cave's ceiling. When traveling down the cave, you should note the slippery, green algae on the steps. The borders of the pools are neutralised by a milky-white calcium carbonate build-up, resulting from the mineral-filled water drips from the cave's roof. This cavernous attraction, adorned with hues of red and blue, is a sight worth exploring during low tide, with a torch proving to be a handy tool. It's best to research the tide times for the day you wish to visit, and you are highly encouraged to go with others.

Discover the Places to Explore at Cornwall

When you visit Cornwall, you'll not only be able to enjoy easy beach access, but you'll also get to bask in the many unique sites around the area. You can explore the holy well, which includes two wells used by mothers as an object for pilgrimage for their sick families. This area also is home to The Kelseys, a headland with the remains of an Iron Age cliff castle. The Cubert Common is covered with beautiful grasslands and is rich in history from the Bronze Age. Whether you enjoy surfing and swimming in the waves or want an extra adventure to spice up your day, you will have things to do when you visit.

Enjoy Convenient Facilities

There are many amenities on the premises to ensure you are well taken care of on your visit. . If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them so you can make the best out of your trip. Here are the following facilities on offer:

Car park

There car park is open to visitors from dawn until dusk. From 1 March until 31 December, you must pay a fee of £8.00.


The Kiosk is open from April until October and offers hot and cold drinks, pastries, sandwiches, snacks, and ice cream.


Dogs are welcome on the property if they are well-controlled, especially around grazing livestock.


Open most of the year except for some winter conditions, you can find the toilet on the approach road to the car park. If you need a changing table, we offer one in the separate accessible toilet stall.

Visit Our Beaches Today

A visit to Holywell in Cornwall is more than just a trip to a stunning beach town. It presents a chance to connect with nature in its purest form, unwind in the beautiful landscapes' tranquility, and experience this Cornish gem's rich cultural heritage. From the breathtaking coastal walks to the historical sites and the warm, welcoming locals, Holywell offers a unique blend of relaxation, adventure, and enchantment that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. Contact us today for any questions you may have.



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