BeWILDerwood Norfolk

Welcome to BeWILDerwood: Norfolk’s Adventure Park

Family-Friendly Thrills Await as You Engage in Child’s Play

Looking to spice up your next family holiday in the Whitehall Farm area? Family-friendly thrills await you at BeWILDerwood, Norfolk’s award-winning outdoor adventure park. Explore magical treehouses, take a peaceful boat ride across Scaaaary Lake, or have an adventure on zip wires crossing over jungle bridges. You’ll spend a day of family fun, making exciting discoveries and creating lifelong memories together. BeWILDerwood is a place where child’s play and imagination come to life. Together Travel Co. would be happy to help you plan your next adventure with luxury holiday accommodations, ranging from budget-friendly apartments to charming lodges, villas, and cottages. Reach out to our team for more details!


What Is BeWILDerwood? What Makes It Unforgettable?

BeWILDerwood is an outdoor adventure park located northeast of Norwich between Wroxham, Horning, and Hoveton in Norfolk. This fantastic place encourages children and their families to have fun and learn new things while playing together outdoors. Local children’s author Tom Blofeld created this enchanting world of make-believe in the book A Boggle at BeWILDerwood. Now children and kids-at-heart of all ages can explore the rich setting and characters brought to life in this unique, unforgettable experience. Run wild and say hello to dozens of endearing characters, such as Mildred the Crocklebog, Hazel the Wood Witch, The Thornyclod Spider, Vera the Hippopotamuddle, Moss the Marsh Boggle, Leaflette the Tree Twiggle, and everyone’s favourite reluctant hero, Swampy the Marsh Boggle.

Visitors will enjoy dressing up for daily storytelling, as children are inspired to use their imaginations. This outdoor adventure park features giant swings, super slides, treehouses, and extra-long zip wires. When your appetite for adventure turns to your stomach, you’ll find locally sourced food and drinks lovingly served at the Munch Bar, The Cosy Cabin, and the Snack Shack, including Norfolk’s award-winning sausages in rolls and delicious ice cream treats. BeWILDerwood is easily accessible by public transport and has the facilities to accommodate educational visits and large groups.


What Is There to See and Do at BeWILDerwood?

The real question is, what ISN’T there to see and do at BeWILDerwood: The Curious Treehouse Adventure? Imagination abounds at this stunning outdoor adventure park. Your family will spend many enjoyable hours together exploring exciting BeWILDerwood highlights such as:

  • The Broken Bridge – Is your family brave enough to cross The Broken Bridge to explore the magical treehouses that await? Its boards creak and sway in the wind, and it’s a long way to the other side. Don’t look down!
  • The Slippery Slopes – The Slippery Slopes may sound a little scary, but visitors are typically all smiles after sliding down them. There’s room enough for the entire family to slide down these super slides separately or together.
  • The Wobbly Wires – Six whizzy zip wires can be found in BeWILDerwood. Don’t worry about giggling or screaming loudly on the zip wires. It’s okay to be noisy when the fun’s on the line!
  • The Big Hat – The Big Hat is home to daily arts and crafts activities for all ages. Let this imaginative backdrop inspire your creativity and artsy side during your visit.
  • The Sky Maze – If you’re not afraid of heights, you won’t want to miss the view from the top of this dizzyingly high maze. Can your family make it to the very top?
  • The Boggle Village – Everyone will want to see where their favourite hero Swampy the Marsh Boggle came from by visiting the Boggle Village.
  • The Twiggle Village – The Twiggles are among the smallest creatures in BeWILDerwood and live in brightly coloured houses, but you’ll have to look up to spot them!
  • The Storytelling Stage – No BeWILDerwood visit is complete without participating in the daily storytelling sessions. Two different shows are put on four times a day, bringing these beloved children’s stories and characters to life.


What’s Included in Your BeWILDerwood Admission?

From crafts and face painting to den building, puppet shows, lantern parades, fancy dress parties, and boat rides, everything is included in the cost of BeWILDerwood admission. Free parking is available, and families may bring their own picnic lunches or opt to eat in the on-site Munch Bar, Cosy Cabin, or Snack Shack at an additional cost. Be sure to pre-book your adventure to guarantee your family’s entry. Tickets are available online or at the gates as long as admission isn’t sold out for the day.

Visitors are urged to dress comfortably in clothing appropriate for exploring, running, jumping, sliding, and climbing. Special events are held throughout the year, as this outdoor adventure park knows how to throw the ultimate celebration. No matter what time of year you visit this enchanting world full of fun and fairy dust, you can expect laughter, dancing, playing, and adventures suitable for the entire family!


Let Us Help You Plan Your Family Days Out in Norfolk

Together Travel Co. specialises in helping people plan vacations and staycations that allow them to spend more time together and explore Norfolk’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Please contact us to enquire about our available luxury holiday accommodations and other inspiring destinations to include on your itinerary. While planning your perfect family days out in Norfolk, be sure to visit the BeWILDerwood website for more details regarding their opening times, tickets, pricing, and directions.


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