The Prettiest Villages in Yorkshire Dales To Visit

Five of the prettiest villages in Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales
A region known for its breathtaking beauty, the Yorkshire Dales are the pride of England. Between the rolling hills, the stunning waterfalls, the endless sky, the natural scenery, and the wildlife, one would think that the appeal of these beautiful Yorkshire Dales is strictly natural. But there are exquisite villages in this countryside that surprisingly rival nature’s beauty. Let’s delve into the features that make these villages so special.

Timeless Charm
Although the reported settlement of the Yorkshire Dales may have begun as early as the 13th century, most of the buildings that are in the villages of the Yorkshire Dales now were built in the 18th century. Some farm buildings date back to the 17th century, but most working buildings were constructed in the 18th century. 

These villages have a timeless charm that draws in a traveller. The well-worn streets beckon a visitor to take a wander and the rustic pubs and shops stimulate the senses. For centuries, folks have worn down these streets with their casual strolls and warmed up the fireside tables of the pubs with their raucous laughter and storytelling.

Beyond the charm, these villages are quite lovely. They are well-known for their beautiful features and quaint architectural touches. Here is a list of what we think are the five prettiest villages in the Yorkshire Dales.

Villages in the Yorkshire Dales

  1. Kettlewell: The Village
    Kettlewell is a beautiful grey stone village that sits on the edge of where the old coach road meets up with the main road at Wharfedale. This village graces the top of our list because of its gorgeous grey stone buildings and its sweet, cobbled roads. It’s such a picturesque village that filmmakers like to film here to capture the unspoiled historic beauty of the area.


Scenic Beauty and Landscapes
Another reason Kettlewell is at the top of the list is the beautiful countryside that surrounds the village. Kettlewell is known for its walking routes because more paths converge here than any of the other villages on our list. Tourists love to meet up, have a look at the charming sights, and then move onto the walking trails to take in the dramatic, scenery. This village stands out because of how it’s nestled in the narrow part of the dale and how many lines meet on the horizon to show off the beauty of the countryside. It sits alongside the river Wharfe and features beautifully pebbled beaches.

Culture and History
The name Kettlewell can be loosely interpreted as ‘bubbling brook.’ Originally founded in the 13th century, Kettlewell is rich in history. Sheep farming is a chief source of industry here and the sheep can be seen along the rolling hills giving an even more picturesque look to this village.

Activities and Experiences

Looking to enjoy a pint at a local pub? This village has many to choose from including the Blue Bell Inn and the Kings Head. Or grab a pint at the Racehorse Hotel. Fancy a cup of tea? Zarina’s may be the place to visit for a hot drink and a slice of lovely cake. Kettlewell does well at keeping its visitors  cosy, warm, and well-fed. 

One of the most exciting festivals in Kettlewell is the Scarecrow Festival. It’s held in August and is loads of fun the family will not want to miss.

Other Tips for Travellers
Kettlewell is directly on a bus route and has a few youth hostels in the area. It is easy to access and fun to explore.

2. Askrigg: The Village
Located in Upper Wensleydale and just five miles east of Hawes, this charming village is peppered with lovely 18th and 19th-century homes. It is a linear village and culminates at the end of the main street with the beautiful Parish Church of St. Oswald. A distinction of this village is the large cross that stands in the town square.

Scenic Beauty and Landscape
The name Askrigg is of Norse origins and comes from the two words tree and ridge. Situated on a ridge in the Yorkshire Dales, Askrigg is a wonderful place to enjoy some fresh air. Walking is a favourite pastime of visitors to this pretty village. A walk up to Mill Gill is always a hit, but longer walks for the seasoned hiker are also easily accessible. 

Culture and History
Known as the television home of the beloved veterinarian, James Herriot, this village is as picturesque as a village could be. Its mention in some early literature proves it was founded, at least, by the middle of the 12th century and has experienced a rich history of clockmaking. There are several clocks on display around the village. 

Activities and Experiences
Visiting Askrigg? After taking a stroll and seeing some of the beautiful locally made historic clocks, visit one of our three local pubs or have tea in our tea room. There are also many craft shops in this location.

Other Tips for Travellers
Askrigg boasts several beautiful B&Bs and is ready to accommodate tourists seeking holiday travel.

3. Appletreewick: The Village

This delightful village lives up to its beautiful name. What could be more charming than a village named after its abundant apple trees? Though not known as an apple orchard village, its  name still helps to represent the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. Located between Grassington and Bolton Abbey, this quaint village has everything. Its name was originally Aptrick, which loosely translated, means “dairy farm by the apple tree.”
This town can be spotted on the horizon by the location of its enormous spire. It’s a town that is teeming with local artists, authors, and poets.

Scenic Beauty and Landscape
Located in the peak district, Appletreewick is comprised of just a smattering of houses along the countryside. At the town’s centre is a gorgeous little ivy-covered pub that is right at the heart of the town’s festivities.

Culture and History
Its origins date back to monastic times, the town is still the home of several 16th and 17th-century buildings, including some historic homes. It is mentioned in records as having been established in the 11th century and is a wonderful place to take in some historic architecture.

Activities and Experiences
Looking for shopping? Appletreewick is not for you. It is truly historic and contains no shops and no post offices. However, there are two local pubs in the area. The Craven Arms and the New Inn offer refreshments and likely some new acquaintances who will bend your ear with tales of the history of this darling village. 

Appletreewick is a great place for walks. Stunning views can be experienced at Howgills and Simon’s Seat and devoted fell runners can hike up to Thorpe Fell.

Other Tips for Travellers
There is a bus that runs directly to Appletreewick. It is very easy to access. Camping and glamping are available through Masons campsite.


4. Ingleton: The Village
One of the Yorkshire Dales Park’s famous Three Peaks, Ingleton is one of the most stunningly beautiful villages of this area.


Scenic Beauty and Landscape
This is our top pick for natural scenery in the Yorkshire Dales villages. There are waterfalls, caves, gorges, and limestone cliffs. You can look around and you will see all  these wonders of nature.

Cultural and Historical Significance
A town whose history is full of intrigue, Ingleton was, allegedly, settled initially in 2000 BC. It has been known as a mining town, a centre of textile production, and (Missing Text?)

Activities and Experiences

Each year Ingleton hosts many walkers, climbers, and cavers. This provides such an amazing opportunity to experience the beautiful countryside up close. Other fun in Ingleton includes a new playground, an outdoor heated pool, and the Millenium Gardens. 

There is also plenty to do in terms of dining and shopping. In addition, there is an indoor climbing facility and Ingleton Pottery offers the chance to sit and watch pottery being made.

Other Tips for Travellers
A bus runs right to the village which makes travel to Ingleton very easy.

5. Grassington: The Village

Nestled in the hills of Wharfedale, Grassington is the idyllic Yorkshire Dales village. It has beautiful, cobbled streets and stone cottages, and is surrounded by lush, green countryside and limestone cliffs. A busy market square is the charming finishing touch for this quaint little village. 

Scenic Beauty and Landscapes
Grassington is one of the most scenic of all our villages. It is another village that is very popular with walkers. There is a circular walking path that goes down to Burnsall and it is a favourite. 

Cultural and Historical Significance
Grassington was the setting for the filming of the movie “All Creatures Great and Small” which was a movie about the famous veterinarian, James Herriot. Formerly a leading town, the bustling town is now a center for a limestone quarry. There is also a rescue center in Grassington where volunteers help people who have had accidents in fells or quarries.

Activities and Experiences

Very different from Appletreewick, Grassington is full of shopping, bakeries, and cafes. If you are a shopper and like to eat and drink, this one may be your favourite on the list. In June, the village boasts a wonderful music and arts event called the Grassington Festival. In December, the village holds a beautiful Dickensian Festival. These are two festivals you don’t want to miss.

Other Tips for Travellers
There’s plenty to do here in Grassington and plenty to see. There’s also lots of lodging. For more information, contact Together Travel.


These villages embody the essence of the Yorkshire Dales with their charming architecture, picturesque countryside, and hospitable atmosphere. They each possess a unique character for visitors to savour.

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