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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Looking for a little more information? Read through our Frequently Asked Home Ownership Questions to find out more:

What is the potential Rental Income for the property?
This will depend entirely on your own personal use and at what time of year you choose to stay in the property. Personal occupation during high season months will have a significant impact on the rental return.

Can I live in the property as my main residence?
Unfortunately not. These are holiday properties and you must have another address which is recorded as your main residence.

Does the Management Charge include Insurance?
No - it is the responsibility of the owner to arrange their own Building and Contents Insurance.

Can I get a mortgage on the property?
As a holiday-restricted property, conventional mortgages are not generally available, but we can introduce you to a Financial Advisor who will assess your personal situation and then advise you on options available to you.

How many weeks of the year is the property available for personal use?
You can use the property for as many weeks of the year that you choose!

How much notice do I have to give if I want to come and use it myself?
With the use of the Owners Portal, you can reserve the property for yourself at any time. If your property is not already reserved, you can even arrive on the same day!

What are the Utility Costs involved with Natural Land property ownership?
All  of the Utility Costs are the responsibility of the owner. These costs will depend entirely on how much the property is occupied, but on average, this is usually about £1,000 per annum.

Can I make changes to the furniture/interior design of the property?
Yes, but if you want to successfully let the property to holiday guests, the furniture must adhere to the Brand Standards.

Is there any bias between letting Natural Assets Owned and Privately-Owned properties?
Not at all. There is no preference given to Natural Assets (parent company) owned properties over privately-owned properties.

But why would you not show any bookings preference to the properties owned by your parent company?
We receive the same level of commission from a privately-owned property as we do from a Natural Assets (parent company) property.

What happens if the operator ceases trading?
In the very unlikely event that this should happen, there is nothing that can affect your ownership of your property. All owners in the particular location, would need to appoint a new Management Company to arrange for the site management services to be continued. i.e. who cuts the grass and cleans the windows etc.


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