Top 11 Romantic Places in the UK for Your Valentine's Escape

Browse romantic holiday destinations for a trip away with your loved one.

For many in the UK, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a romantic retreat with your significant other. While cosying up by the fire with a bottle of wine certainly has its appeal, we know you’re likely looking for something a bit more exciting this year. In this post, we’ll take you on a tour of the top 11 most romantic destinations around the UK, from idyllic villages and breathtaking scenery to historic cities filled with culture and charm. Each location on our list would make for an unforgettable long weekend getaway, with ample options for cosy cafes, five-star restaurants, relaxing spas, and activities you can enjoy together. So, browse through our Valentine’s guide to start planning your special weekend escape, wherever love may take you this February.


1. The Cotswolds - Quaint Villages and Rolling Hills

The Cotswolds is an idyllic region defined by rolling hills, quaint villages, and lovely scenery throughout the year. The picture-postcard streets, historic cottages, and serene landscapes make the Cotswolds a perfect escape for romantic couples. There is nothing quite like relaxing in a cosy inn with your special someone, gazing out of the window and admiring the beauty of nature. Plus, with a variety of pubs, restaurants, and cafes, you and your significant other can indulge in scrumptious meals and unwind in this peaceful paradise.



2. Edinburgh, Scotland - A Fairytale Cityscape

Edinburgh in Scotland is a hidden gem with plenty of romantic activities to offer. With a UNESCO-listed old town, the city is a picturesque destination that is perfect for an intimate escape. You can spend your days exploring the historic architecture, strolling along cobblestone streets, or wandering around the famous Royal Botanic Garden. In the evening, head to the Royal Mile and find a quaint restaurant to enjoy candlelit dinners with your loved one. The city's vibrant nightlife also has plenty in store for the two of you.



3. The Lake District - Tranquil Beauty and Serene Lakes

Surrounded by majestic mountains and tranquil lakes, the Lake District is a place of sheer beauty, making it one of the most romantic places in the UK. The serene atmosphere of the area leaves couples feeling rejuvenated. You can choose to keep things low-key by indulging in the scenic views, take a relaxing boat ride on Windermere or embark on a romantic walk through the lovely landscape. Whatever you decide to do, the Lake District is sure to provide a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Lake District

4. Bath - Roman Elegance and Thermal Spas

Bath is a stunningly gorgeous city with plenty of historical charm and elegance to offer. The city's Roman past  brings an air of mystery, and it's the perfect place to immerse yourself in history and indulge in thermal spas. The city is also home to some of the most exquisite Georgian architecture in the UK, which makes it an excellent place to enjoy a romantic walk or perhaps indulge in a delicious meal. Be sure to check out the Thermae Bath Spa for an intimate day of relaxation and pampering in a scenic English city.


5. The Isle of Skye - Dramatic Landscapes and Secluded Retreats

The Isle of Skye is a magical place defined by endless stretches of dramatic landscapes, which make it the perfect backdrop for couples in search of a romantic escape. The Island is home to some of the UK's most stunning natural landmarks with secluded retreats, breathtaking views, and cosy cottages that offer splendid views of the scenery. Consider walking to the Fairy Pools or a romantic hike to the Quiraing, both of which are incredibly romantic activities. Alternatively, just relax together and escape into nature at its finest with an overnight stay in a cosy cottage.

isle of skye

6. Cambridge - Punting and Riverside Romance

There is no better way to spend a romantic day than punting along the River Cam in Cambridge. The riverside of Cambridge is the perfect backdrop for a romantic date. After the punting session, explore the picturesque college grounds while holding hands with your loved one. And make sure to take a stroll along the scenic riverbank.


7. London - Rooftop Romance and Thameside Strolls

London is known for its iconic landmarks, so why not add some romance and take in these views with your significant other? Enjoy a drink and the beautiful panoramic view of the city from a rooftop bar. Alternatively, take a romantic walk along the Thames and stop to take pictures at Tower Bridge and the London Eye. Take some time to enjoy each other’s company in the serene surroundings of Hyde Park.


8. St. Ives, Cornwall - Coastal Beauty and Artistic Vibes

The artistic and romantic atmosphere of St. Ives makes for a perfect trip with your partner. The stunning coastal views, the soft sand of Porthminster Beach, and the beautiful blue sea provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. Take a walk along the art galleries that dot the town and wind down with a candlelit dinner of delicious seafood.


9. Oxford - Literary Love and Dreamy Gardens

Oxford’s charming historic colleges have inspired writers and poets for centuries. Apart from its literary charm, Oxford is also home to the Botanic Garden, which features diverse plant species and greenery that create the perfect setting for a romantic stroll. Alternatively, you can punt along the sleepy Cherwell River while admiring the idyllic scenery.


10. The Scottish Highlands - Remote Retreats and Mountain Magic

Scotland’s Highlands are the perfect destination to be secluded with your loved one. Its remote landscapes, mountains, and breathtaking natural beauty provide the perfect backdrop for romance. Enjoy a stay in a remote cottage, while exploring the magical Glencoe with its serene lakes and stunning mountains.


11. Stratford-upon-Avon - Shakespearean Romance

For lovers of literature, a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon is a must. This charming market town, home to Shakespeare, has a lovely romantic feel to it. A stroll around the pretty streets and a visit to the historic sites are a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. And don't forget to check out the Royal Shakespeare Company’s current productions, the perfect culmination to a romantic day.

Stratford upon Avon

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Valentine's Day is a time of year to celebrate the things we hold most dear, and there's no better way to do that than a romantic getaway in the UK. With its vibrant nightlife, rich culture, and stunning scenery, it offers some of the most romantic escapes imaginable. Whether you choose a charming cottage in the Cornwall countryside or an elegant hotel in London overlooking the Thames, you'll find a spot perfect for your special day. Getting away together will give you both peace to reflect on everything that connects you and what it is that makes your relationship so special. So, make this Valentine's Day one to remember-take a journey together for an unforgettable romantic escape and visit Together Travel for inspiration on how to make this Valentine’s escape truly remarkable.