Together Travel x Poppy & Ted

Stylish & Essential Pet Accessories

To celebrate the launch of our exciting new collaboration with Poppy & Ted following the launch of Together Tails (click here for the chance to win an epic bundle of goodies, plus a two-night stay!), owner Paige was kind enough to catch up with our team on her thoughts on keeping your pet looking chic & unique, the rise of the staycation and the history behind her gorgeous brand...

Why was it so important to create dog-walking pieces that were both stylish and essential?

Because exactly that - who said essential had to mean boring? The dog world was crying out for some style and I wanted to make it happen! We walk our dogs every day, use their collar / harness / lead every day… so they should be something we love to use. We love creating modern designs and colour palettes to match and co-ordinate with on season trends. What’s wrong with a little co-ordination on your daily stroll whilst keeping comfortable and safe at the same time!

Do Ted & Margot get to try any of the new designs before they’re released?

Absolutely - Ted & Margot try and test all of our new releases and see them through from sampling to end product. They usually end up keeping them all too.. so they’ve quite the wardrobe now!

If you had to pick one design to match each of their personalities, which would it be?

Oh gosh, now that’s a tough one! I think for Ted I’d have to choose Wild Leopard Khaki - he’s a wild, playful boy but equally suave and sophisticated! And for Margot, Party Pup - walkies for her is life! She’s always ready to get the party stated when it comes to her walk.. literally like a cannon of confetti just like this design!

What has been your proudest achievement to date with Poppy & Ted?

I’m just SO proud to be where we are today, in 3 short years we have just grown incredibly. For me, seeing a product I’ve designed from sketch to real life out and about on a walk is just incredible.

Which item from your collection do you personally use the most?

100% our Treat Pouch - it’s an absolute must have for any dog owner. It’s perfect especially for training, keeping you hands free to concentrate on the task at hand. But also for every day- the amount of times I used to leave the house trying to juggle house keys, treats, leads, phone etc etc.. well now it’s a problem no more!

What does the future hold for Poppy & Ted?

SO much! We are growing rapidly and have outgrown our current HQ in less than a year (which is so much sooner than anticipated). So next up for us is a big move which will enable us to further grow our team and also explore and develop so many more product lines. We recently just introduced one which is our brand new Grooming Collection. We cannot WAIT to see where we go next!

If you could give one piece of advice to pet owner’s looking to ‘level up’ their pet accessories, what would it be?

We are passionate about creating essential pieces so you can rest assured that what you’re buying is what you need! Our pieces are all practical and comfortable (for both you and your dog with our signature branded padding). The hardest part is choosing which design - let your dog’s personality do the talking!

Have you ever ‘staycationed’ with Ted & Margot? If so, where is your favourite Great British holiday hotspot?

We love stay-cations! It was important to us when we got our first dog (Ted) that they would be part of our family and go wherever we go. Cornwall is probably our most favourite stay-cation spot, they are incredibly dog friendly. Equally anywhere with fantastic walks are the best… maybe with a dog friendly pub along the way too!

What is important to you/what do you look for when searching for pet-friendly holiday accommodation?

We look for a home away from home - making sure everything looks secure and preferably easy cleaning in case we have a few mucky paws situations! And little personal touches such as a few treats always make us smile (especially the dogs!!).

Do you think the recent pandemic has changed the general public’s perception of pet ownership? Do you think owning a pet has increased in popularity?

I definitely noticed a rise during the pandemic and we had lots of customers shopping for puppies. So many people were and are now working from home or at least have a more balanced working week making it possible to own a pet, whereas it may not have been a viable option previously. So long as it’s well thought through decision as owning a pet is a BIG step, I’m all for it. Ted & Margot are such an important and loved part of our family - they make our house a home and we couldn’t be without them now!