Together Travel x Bella & Duke

The healthy food your pet has been waiting for...

With our new Together Tails welcome packs waiting on arrival for our four-legged guests across the country, we took the opportunity to catch-up with the wonderful team at Bella & Duke - the masters of raw food subscription boxes and the providers of the delicious treats found within those very packs...

What are the benefits of a subscription-based pet-food service?

Besides lugging the heavy tins and bags of pet food from the trolly to your home, we do the heavy lifting for you ensuring that food is delivered directly to your front door. You can also rely on our service to ensure your pet is never without food with a reliable subscription which you can adapt at any time to suit yours and your pet’s needs.

With our ethos centred around self-catering stays, how convenient are Bella & Duke products for taking away on a pet-friendly staycation?

Although our raw food arrives frozen, we offer flexible delivery and with a quick update within the customer portal, we can send you a supply of your pet’s food directly to your staycation, ready for when you arrive.

What can our guests expect when switching their four-legged friend from a traditional, supermarket diet to a more tailored, raw-food option?

Where to start! Within the first 30 days, you will notice your pet’s poop becoming smaller (as more of the food is digested= less waste) and much less smelly. You will also notice your pets coat shine like you’ve never seen before. After 3 months of being on a raw diet your pets energy levels will have levelled out, often putting a spring in the step of our more senior pets, fresher breath and whiter teeth, anal gland issues clearing up, less flatulence, healing of sensitive tummies, reduction in allergies and improvements in conditions such as pancreatitis and kidney diseases… the list really does go on.

We’re assuming that the Bella & Duke team love to travel with their own pets – if you took an office vote, where would the most popular staycation destination be?

The Bella & Duke founders are from Scotland so giving a nod towards heritage, a hike in the highlands, coming home to a warm log fire at the end of the day with our dogs sounds a pretty great way to spend a long weekend.

Our locations are synonymous with providing new stimulation for dogs through incredible walks and new smells - do you think it’s fair to say that Great British pet owners are taking more interest in promoting a healthy lifestyle for their pets?

They absolutely are, we recently conducted a survey with 3300 of our pet subscribers and the most popular behaviours centred towards healthy living through spending more time outdoors along with living a healthy lifestyle through diet. Not only is it important for us humans to eat healthy to look after ourselves, our pets also require a healthy diet and raw food certainly offers that.

You’ve sold a jaw-dropping 17 million meals to date, but what has been Bella & Duke’s proudest achievement?

Our proudest achievement really is knowing that we are promoting happy, healthy and longer lives for our pets. With much larger pet brands adding just 4% meat derivatives (the legal limit) into pet foods as well as other nasties such as grains and fillers which add no nutritional value, we are on a huge mission to educate the pet owner into why a high meat content meal really is the best diet for our pets. We’re so certain that our raw food will make your pet happy and healthy that we offer a full refund to a pet owner who finds otherwise.

Are there any new flavour combinations on the horizon for subscribers?

There always are. We work with scientists and nutritionists and are always looking for new product developments. We’ve just recently launched our new cat and dogs treats range which are proving to be a hit with our customers already. You’ll find a pack of mouth-watering treats with every Together Tails welcome pack when you arrive at your staycation. Nothing says ‘welcome’ more than a cosy bed and a tasty treat (for humans and our pets!).

If you could summarise Bella & Duke in three words, which would they be?

Caring, quality, healthy