Supporting the Eden Project this Christmas

Great gifts that do good...

2020 has been a hard year for many businesses around the world and The Eden Project is no stranger to that. With the project having to close for several months, as well as having high running costs we really wanted to do something to help. Our villas in Cornwall are located so close to the project that we've been lucky enough to visit various times and see the amazing work they do. 

The Eden Project isn't just a spectacular place for visitors, it also does a huge amount for bio-diversity and science as a whole, so supporting them by purchasing a gift from their gift shop this Christmas will make a huge difference to them. 

Even if you've bought all your Christmas presents already, why not treat yourself? We certainly all deserve it.

Here are some of our top picks:


Honey Fudge

We all must know a fudge lover and what's better than Cornish fudge, made in a sustainable way? Featuring The Eden Projects very own Cornish wildflower honey, this fudge could easily become a firm favourite - trust us, if you haven't tried honey fudge yet you're missing out. 

eden project gifts

Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

If your birds are as fussy as ours, you'll know not all seeds, or bird feeders are the same. Why not treat our flying friends to a little gift of their own with this peanut butter feeder? The bonus of this is not just that birds love peanut butter, but only small birds can fit inside to get to any left over bits, meaning there's no risk of the larger birds stealing it all!

eden project gifts

Plastic Free Shampoo

Perfect for the eco-conscious people in your life, or even for yourself if you're wanting to make a positive change in the new year. These shampoo cubes aren't just good for the planet either - all of the natural ingredients work wonders on your hair too! This shampoo is made in Cornwall, allowing you to support local producers as well as The Eden Project. Win-Win. 

eden project gifts

Eden Project 2021 Calendar 

Calendars are a must for all those with busy schedules, but why not make it art too? Decorate your kitchen wall with stunning imagery of the Eden project at its absolute best throughout the year and take advantage of the included dates of events in Cornwall in 2021 - hopefully we will all get to visit some of them next year. 

eden project gifts

Bamboo Cups

Bamboo is becoming super popular as a sustainable plastic free alternative - there's bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo cutlery and so much more, but we adore these bamboo cups. Perfect for picnics or just everyday use around the house, they remind us of nature and are pretty much indestructible, making them extra child friendly. 

eden project


Aztec Plant Pot

If you're a house plant lover then you know the right pot makes all the difference. We love this aztec style plant pot, which goes with any room regardless of your colour schemes - and the best part, there are a range of different sizes too!

plant pots eden project


Bamboo Socks

A lot of our clothing contains plastics such as polyester, so yet again bamboo is being put to use for more plastic alternatives. Fabrics made from bamboo offer great ventilation due to microscopic holes in bamboo fibres, making it perfect for items such as socks. The plant also contains a structure that repels moisture, meaning your chance of soggy feet after a long walk just got lower. With a range of super colourful styles available, there's a design for just about anyone. 

bamboo socks