Meeting the Team

Introducing Alan, General Manager at Lews Castle

Sitting in one of the United Kingdom's most Northerly beauty spots, the iconic Lews Castle offers those looking to 'holiday on home turf' an exciting alternative to the usual tourist hotspots and an unforgettable adventure in the Outer Hebrides.

The latest addition to the Together Travel family, Alan Callanan joins the team as the General Manager of Lews Castle, overseeing the spectacular accommodation, exciting events calendar and our thriving Storehouse cafe - here, we find out a little more about his role, his love of the islands and what he hopes for the future of our Western Isles wonder...

Meet Alan

How long have you been General Manager at Lews Castle?
I have been General Manager at Lews Castle now for just over four months. My experience and time here so far, has been a pleasure due to the welcoming nature of the team and local community.

Which one thing surprised you most about the Castle? 
I would have to say that the sheer grandeur of the building and standard to which the rooms and renovation has been completed were breath-taking on arrival. I had a preconception of the beauty of the area and Castle, but this far exceeded expectations and still continues to amaze me throughout the season.

Your favourite apartment and why?
My favourite apartment has to be Portrona. Not only is it spacious enough to accommodate the whole family, but the view over the harbour and out to sea in the morning, is the best way to start the day.  There is just something about this room that brings you back in time, even though the rooms are styled in a very modern way.

Who do you think the Lews Castle accommodation is best suited to?
The accommodation is suited to anyone that is looking for an adventure and wants to take in the local culture, food and experiences. The stylish apartments and rooms add a sense of luxury to your stay, so if you are just looking to unwind, this is the perfect setting for you as well.  

Out of the other tourist attractions you’ve visited on the island, which would sit in your Top 3?

  • Blackhouse Village
  • Harris Gin Distillery
  • Luskentyre beech

If you could describe the Outer Hebrides in 3 words, which would you choose?
Alluring, Versatile and Homely!

What are your hopes for Lews Castle in 2022?
We are hoping to increase our offering for food and beverage in 2022 along with hosting a range of events. We are eager to move forward with promoting Lews Castle as an amazing wedding venue, after having a very successful past year.