Meet the Together Tails Team

Sniffing out our favourite locations across the UK...

As avid pet-lovers ourselves, Together Tails was very much inspired by our very own four-legged friends and the experiences we've had as consumers when staycationing. The responsibility of pet ownership goes beyond just ensuring they have plenty of food and somewhere cosy to sleep, but ensuring their fulfilment, quality of life and mental stimulation. 

Nowhere quite excites their sense of smell like the great outdoors, and our Together pups have been very lucky to have explored our collection of luxury holiday locations. They've taken walkies on our woodland trails, rolled on the sandy beaches of the South coast and snuggled up in front of our log-burners, putting their paws of approval on our lodges, cottages and villas!

With the launch of Together Tails to our holiday guests, we thought it only fair to introduce the world to our furry family here at Together Travel, with their favourite recommendations for fellow friends...


Ollie is our resident four-legged friend in the Yorkshire Dales, expertly overseeing our luxury, log-fire lodges and keeping an eye on the soft, little bunnies that hop across our communal meadow. He loves sauntering along the Coast to Coast path down into Richmond, feeling the Yorkshire breeze flapping through his curly ears.


Stella loves to tear through the scenic, green fields behind Trewhiddle Village - full of energy, she's always ready for an outdoor adventure! Being a pup in South Cornwall, she's never far from a beach and us such is quite happy to get her paws sandy on her days off.


Living so far North has it's benefits for Ringo - our cosy lodges have front row seats to the Northern Lights, the ever-changing Pentland Firth and incredible sunsets over the water. Not only that, but the resident seals that flop along the white-sand beaches make for unique scent trails along the coast! At the end of a long day Ringo loves curling up on the warm, wooden floors in front of the log fires.


A regular visitor to the cliff-top fields that surround our courtyard cottages (alongside our shiny new apartments), River's a true Welsh gal and loves to splash in the sea, sneak up on the mountain goats and ramble through the daffodils in the spring. An expert on the local beaches, you may see her during your travels along the coast!

Zoe & DaisyReggieKaciJack

Whilst our Central Team gang don't live at our beautiful locations, they have been lucky enough to staycation with their Together Travel paw parents and experience the beauty of our Great British holiday hotspots first hand. 


To find out more about the NEW Together Tails pet club, you can find out more by clicking here.