The Largest Yorkshire Dales Waterfalls

Do go chasing waterfalls..


The Yorkshire Dales is a haven of woodland walks, riverside paths and vast amounts of adventure. With our log cabins in Yorkshire being within the Swaledale Valley it only takes a few steps until you're out in the wilderness.

But aside from all the beautiful woodland walks on your doorstop, the Yorkshire Dales is also home to many waterfalls, some large and some small. Whilst the smaller ones are no less impressive, here are 5 of the largest Yorkshire Dales waterfalls. 

Cautley Spout

At an incredible 175 metres, the Cautley Spout is undoubtedly the tallest waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales. It's around a 1 hour drive from our Yorkshire lodges, but if adventure and scale is what you're looking for this is the place to visit. 

The fall itself is a fair walk to get to, so we'd only recommend visiting if you're happy for a full day of hiking. Oh and don't forget to take a picnic and plenty of refreshments with you. 

largest waterfalls in yorkshire

Hardraw Force 

Whilst the  Hardraw Force waterfall isn't the tallest on this list, at around 30m it is the highest single drop waterfall in the country, making it well worth a visit. Based in Wensleydale, around a 40 minute drive from our Yorkshire Dales lodges, there is plenty more to do and see in this picturesque village. 

Due to the waterfall being on private land, you do have to pay around £2.50 to visit the site and it's best to go during wetter periods, as when it's warmer the fall can dry up significantly, sometimes reducing it to only a trickle.

Cotter Force

Cotter Force is a waterfall that contains 6 drops, which in total makes it around 10 metres long. It's located in Wensleydale and is ideal for those who may have limited mobility, due to the short flat walk to get to it. 

Ingleton Waterfalls

The Ingleton Waterfalls trail is a full day out where you will come across unspoilt woodland and an array of spectacular falls. The full trail is around 4 and a half miles, so by the time you've stopped for lunch and taken in the sights you'll be ready to get back and put your feet up. 

The tallest waterfall on the trail is the Thornton Force coming in at around 14 metres, so whilst this isn't one of the tallest, when you combine this with the other waterfalls there it's well worth visiting. 

best waterfalls in yorkshire

Kisdon Force

Kisdon Force is based in the Swaledale Valley, close to our lodges and contains a range of waterfalls and streams to paddle around in. The largest fall there is around 10 metres and there is even an 80m plunge pool, ideal for hot days!

Whilst the above are the tallest falls in the Yorkshire Dales, there are plenty more beautiful sights to visit when you're there. The Aysgarth Falls, close to our retreats are spectacular, so we'd recommend visiting whilst you're there.

For more information and things to do in the local area, our concierge team are always on hand to help.