Cornwall For All Seasons

September stays on the South coast...

Step off the beaten track this Spring...

Squeezing in a last minute escape to Cornwall is something we whole-heartedly suggest after our recent road trip to the spectacular coastline of Fistral Beach, Holywell Bay and Crantock! Spoiled by the luxurious accommodation on offer, the unbelievable views and that famous Cornish hospitality, we couldn't resist sharing some of our favourite reasons to consider a last-minute Staycation in one of our holiday cottages in Cornwall...


We're here to bust the myth that outside of July and August, the southern counties are drizzly and overcast 24/7. Granted, there is the occassional dramatic shower, but even in February there are plenty of blue sky moments to be had. It may be cold and crisp but that dazzling sunshine that warms the waters during the summer is definitely present!


Whether toting the latest hi-spec model of DSLR or brandishing a smartphone in hand, there are a multitude of epic selfies, unforgettable panoramas and beautiful sunsets to be captured. Cornwall is famous for it's magical scenery, so why not take the opportunity of the off-season peace and quiet to practice your photography skills and get reacquainted with the great outdoors?


Stuck somewhere between the over-indulgence of Christmas and those lighter summer salads, we're all secretly craving something sumptuous during these chillier months. Cornwall is well-known for it's culinary scene, serving up the best warming snacks and homemade dishes. Think warm, buttery scones, smothered in clotted cream, flaky pastries crammed with tasty ingredients and piping hot fish & chips, soaked in tangy vinegar...(we could go on!). Grab a fork and dig in!


From November to April, many of Cornwall's best beaches open their doors to our four-legged friends. These perfect playgrounds for pooches of all sizes are ripe with new smells, hours of walkies and plenty to see. Enjoy the peaceful stretches of sand with man's best friend as you conquer new ground, side by side (just don't forget their ball!)


With young explorers safely tucked up in their classrooms, the pristine beaches of Cornwall are yours for the taking. Miles and miles of soft golden sands await, with just a handful of other lucky visitors absorbing the sounds of the crashing waves, and distant gulls. It's incredibly rare to have such a spectacular space all to yourself, so get stuck in!


Ditch the desk and take a great, big lungful of the beautiful sea air. Not only does it encourage restful sleep and peaceful dreaming, but it's well known to boost your mood, increase your creativity and just generally make you feel better. There's nothing more pleasing than returning from a day spent by the coast, sleepy, sea salt in your hair and feeling revitalised.


Cornwall is blessed with thousands of spectacular trails to wander, hikes to be had and paths to be explored. Our favourite has to be the famous South-West Coastal Path, but there are plenty of other inland routes that are just as incredible. Give your walking boots and cosy clothes one last outing before trading them in for the flip-flops and sneak in some exercise that is low impact, family friendly and highly enjoyable!


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