Concierge Travels - A Trip To Trewhiddle

Travelling from end to end...

After being offered a chance to do a job swap in Cornwall, team leader, Hayley from John O'Groats, got the opportunity to pack her bags and travel the infamous 'End to End' herself.

Cornwall and John O'Groats are each completely unique destinations, both wonderful in their own way. After spending 9 months at John O'Groats, it's not surprising that Hayley was looking forward to stretching her legs and spending some time in rural Cornwall.

Hayley said, ' It was nice to stretch my legs and take the journey that I’ve heard so much about, albeit in a much more leisurely fashion'.

Taking her family with her, Hayley spent 5 days, before commencing work, exploring all that Trewhiddle has to offer.

'We visited beaches, museums and the infamous Eden Project. We also got familiar with the local pubs and restaurants and spent a gorgeous sunny afternoon at the local cider farm… all in the name of research for work of course'

After her short break, Hayley started work and quickly realised Cornwall is worlds away from working in the North. Without the Storehouse or Inn to run, she began to wonder how she was going to fill her days. Quickly realising that managing a Cornwall retreat came with its own list of tasks, somewhat different to that of John O'Groats!

'Day 1 was off to Fistral Beach to drop off a hamper, welcoming guests and assisting them with planning their holiday itinerary, Day 2 was off to the North to drop off a carpet cleaner and more assisting guests to get the most out of their stay. With all the retreats in Cornwall being so spread out, the day passes in a blink of an eye'

After settling into her temporary role, Hayley noticed the week steadying and was able to explore the spectacular surroundings.

'I even managed to sneak off for an afternoon walk along Pentewan Beach which is a short drive away'     

Overall,  Hayley thoroughly enjoyed her job swap to Trewhiddle, 'It was good to experience life as a retreat manager on a different Together Travel site. I would highly recommend other members of Together Travel to do the same'

Although thoroughly relishing the chance to explore a glorious part of Britain in the name of work, Hayley was happy to return to her team at John O'Groats - there's no place quite like home!