The Best Bonfire Displays in the UK

Wrap up and start staring skywards...

There are many reasons why we love bonfire night; wrapping up warm in our best woolly gear, the exhilarating ambience which fills the air, explosions of colour which paint the sky, tales of Guy Fawkes and gunpowder plots – not forgetting the toffee apples and paper bags of treacle toffee!

Just because you’re away on holiday doesn’t mean you have to miss one of the most thrilling nights of the year, and your little ones wouldn’t be too happy about skipping the event either! So, wrap up in your cosiest autumn attire and get ready to marvel as the sky fizzes over with sparks and stars and a spot of ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’. Here are our favourite bonfires to attend, which all happen to be on the doorstep of some of our favourite retreat locations:

Yorkshire Dales

Although you’re tucked away in the countryside, you will be pleased to know that if you do decide to attend a bonfire, there are a couple of fantastic ones close to our Yorkshire Dales lodges which your whole family will love. If you do not want to travel too far and would prefer a smaller, more community feel, there’s a fantastic event at Richmond School held on Monday 5th November. For those wanting to watch a more extravagant display (perhaps better for the older kids) there’s an impressive evening held at the historical Bolton Abbey by the banks of the River Wharfe in the shadows of the Priory Ruins. Prepare to be entertained by fire eaters, an array of traditional fairground rides and the cherry on the cake - a dazzling firework display.


For those who fancy going to the beach to watch a display, there’s one at The Seahorse on Pentewan Beach, just down the road from our Cornwall holiday cottages. All ages are welcomed at the event, which will be held in support of the Cornwall Air Ambulance. Food, entertainment and refreshments will also be available from the Seahorse Club throughout the night. Before the explosive firework display commences, there will be a Kids' Mini Disco at 7pm and further entertainment after the display – so you can enjoy a full night of fun if you wish!

Fistral Beach

If you're staying at our Fistral Beach apartments, you won’t struggle to find a thrilling local bonfire. Newquay’s main firework display is held at Newquay Sports centre on Sunday 5th November. As well as a stunning firework display there will be face painters and an assortment of refreshments. There will also be a fireworks display held at Newquay Harbour, which is on a smaller scale, but provides a unique experience watching the fireworks cast glistening patterns across the water.

Lews Castle

Bonfires date back in Scottish history to well before Guy Fawkes and his notorious gun powder plot; historians say two to three thousand years! This deep-rooted tradition is linked to paganism, with a fascinating history behind it. With that in mind, it could even be said that Scotland is home of the original bonfire! If you’re staying at Lews Castle and want to join in on the fun, there will be a bonfire at neighbouring Tong village, which is less than a 10-minute drive from the castle.

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