8 Indoor New Years Eve Ideas

Staying in is the new going out..

We're getting slowly used to the idea that we may be spending New Years Eve indoors this year, but that doesn't mean we have to spend it at home, or that it has to be any less fun than normal. In fact, we think with our 8 indoor New Years Eve ideas below, it could be an extra special one. 

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Top 8 Indoor New Years Eve Ideas & Activities:

1. Treasure Hunt

Equally fun for children and adults alike, the classic treasure hunt is easy to set-up and very fun to do. You can choose different themes, from find the Disney Character to Harry Potter spells and each treasure found wins a small prize (or shots for the adults!)

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2. The Name Game 

A slightly different take on charades, and incorporating the 'yes, no' game, The Name Game involves players writing a popular character or famous person on bits of paper adding them to a bowl and then each person taking turns to take one. Once a player has a name, the other players must guess who they are, with the player in control of the name only being able to answer yes or no. A player that replies with anything other than yes or no automatically looses and has to take a forfeit (we'll leave you to decide what the forfeit may be...)

3. Come Dine With Me 

Why not put your cooking skills to the test and all take turns to create a dish and rate each other? You could go all out and prepare drinks, as well as entertainment alongside your dishes too. Depending on how many people you have in your group you can make mini dishes rather than mains. 

4. Hot Tub Party 

Ok so whilst this one may not technically be indoors, it's in the garden so that still counts, right? We have a range of properties suitable for groups which feature hot-tubs, so why not drink champagne in the tub whilst counting down to the new year? View all of our hot tub breaks here

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5. Board Games

Nothing beats a classic board game so why not get prepared early and stock-up on some of the classics? Scrabble is a great game for smaller groups, whereas Pictionary and Confident are much better for larger groups. Although we're not sure it's classed as board game, Boggle is one of our favourites and allows for many players too!

6. Pyjama Party

Nothing beats a pyjama party if you're looking for some cosy and chilled. Get all of your cushions out, make a for in the living room, prepare lot of tasty snacks and have some great wholesome movies lined up for the evening. Or play some of the games above, in the comfort of your pjs.

7. Hangman

Another classic game which can be made more exciting just by having your own whiteboard (who doesn't love writing on a whiteboard?!) Take it in turns to each get up and be the host, choosing anything from movies to animals - just  make sure you agree on all the lives you get before you start playing. 

8. Quizzes

Everyone may have had enough quizzes for one year, but why not end the year how many of us started it, especially when you can get all of the family involved, regardless of where they are.