6 Best Places to Visit in the UK this Spring

Where should you travel to this spring?

Is there any season more beautiful than the spring? As new life bursts into bloom all around, you may find yourself wanting to get out and travel, enjoying the outdoors somewhere new and exciting. Those who live in the UK certainly have no dearth of wonderful options, and for the best spring holidays, UK travellers need look no further than the locales right around the corner. Whether you prefer the bustle of the city, waking up after a sluggish winter, or the beauty of the countryside when everything is in bloom, there is plenty for you to enjoy in the UK. Here, we offer a list of some of the best places to visit in the spring with stunning luxury accommodations to fit every family, friend group, or solo traveller.




After a long winter, springtime Cornwall is a revelation.

A visit to Cornwall in the spring offers you the glories of this beautiful area coming alive before your eyes, without all the hassle of the summertime crowds. What is wonderful is that you can do most of the same things as you would do in summer at this time of year, as spring days are often the sunniest. During this season, the South West coast path is quiet and peaceful, with an abundance of cliff-top flowers and perfect weather for walking, and Cornwall’s amazing array of gardens are at their very best. If you enjoy surfing, spring is a great time to do it in Cornwall because, although the weather is not as warm, the waves are better than they are in summer. What’s more,  you will not have to fight for a spot with the crowds of summer. For nature lovers, spring is peak season, with bluebells carpeting the woodlands, coastal wildlife making their presence known,  birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies in abundance. In April, you can visit the Scilly Islands to catch the World Pilot Gig Championships or simply enjoy the natural beauty. Want to take your dog on the beach? Spring is the best time of year to do this, because you can often catch good weather before seasonal dog bans come into effect. There are also loads of festivals in Cornwall in the spring, some dating back hundreds of years.



The Lake District

The Lake District

The Lake District is gorgeous at any time of year, but it is at the next level in the spring.

Bluebells, wild sorrel, and wild garlic carpet the woods, new leaves shine a brilliant green, lambs frolic and graze in the pastures, and daffodils bloom as far as the eye can see. Whether you want to visit Beatrix Potter’s pretty 17th century farmhouse, take a leisurely cruise, or have some family fun aboard the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, adventures await around every corner. Ramble through the countryside, check out a local outdoor festival or fair, or enjoy a host of outdoor activities. From walking to mountaineering, sailing to cycling, abseiling and zorbing to ziplining, there is plenty of opportunity to play outside in the sunshine. Not feeling sporty? Take in a Lake District village, exploring the cobblestone streets and dining out at local eateries and pubs, or just simply sit quietly by a lake, enjoying the majestic splendour of the region’s natural beauty.



North Wales

Llyn Peninsula, North Wales

North Wales is bright with flowers in spring.

Did you know that the daffodil is a symbol of Wales? It is no wonder. These beautiful yellow blossoms are native to Wales, and each year, starting at the beginning of March, they can be seen blooming all across Wales, in gardens and in the wild, painting the landscape a bright and cheerful yellow. Wales is one of the best springtime destinations in the UK, but the beautiful flowers are not all it has to recommend it. Incredible scenery, with dramatic cliffs and stunning coastal views, are the perfect complement to the area’s rich history, and a visit to North Wales is likely to include time spent exploring gorgeous estates, castles, and gardens.





Devon offers a wealth of springtime wonders.

 Do you dream of a family vacation on the shore? Do you fancy a brooding moorland village, full of picturesque charm and interesting places to catch your eye? How about a cliff backed cove, or a promenade along the cliff itself, with breath taking views of the spectacular coastline, along with sightings of seabirds, seals, and dolphins? Devon offers so much for you to enjoy, with diversity that encompasses perfect locations, coastal and woodland strolls, gorgeous views, hidden coves, wooded valleys, moors carpeted in bluebells and daffodils, secluded villages and unparalleled wildlife watching. Enjoy sheltered beaches, explore a labyrinth of prehistoric caves, or simply enjoy a quiet evening, dining in one of the area’s many fine eateries, which range from cosy to elegant. Springtime in Devon is magical, with blooming flowers and baby animals to delight, and plenty of unspoiled beauty to explore.


Scottish Hebrides

Isle of Lewis, Scottish Hebrides

Is there any place more thrilling than the Scottish Hebrides in the spring?

The wild beauty of the Scottish Hebrides is unmatched, and spring is a wonderful time to make the most of it. The weather is at its best, bluebells carpet some of the islands, crowds are so thin you might find you have the beach to yourself, and it is the perfect time for seal spotting. Spring is a wonderful time for bird watching, surfing is good, and the weather lends itself to walking, cycling, and even snorkelling. On rainy days, there are churches and castles to explore and breweries to tour, as well as art galleries and museums where you can soak in the local history and culture. At the end of the day, Together Travel has an amazing location for you, whether you prefer the mystery of a medieval castle or a luxurious contemporary apartment set in a stunning landscape. 



Hunstanton, North Norfolk

Norfolk is glorious in the springtime.

Spring is lambing season, and you will have plenty of opportunities to feed the lambs on local farms, but Norfolk has so much more to offer than that! Sunsets on sandy beaches, strolls through gorgeous gardens and estates, and visits to museums to appreciate the rich history of the region are all here to greet you in Norfolk. The Norfolk and Norwich Festival happens in May for about 17 days, and it is one of the oldest and largest festivals in the UK, a multi art festival with a wide array of events including theatre, art, music, circus, and children’s events. Not the festival type? There’s plenty to do outside, from walking, bicycling, and hitting the beach to bird and wildlife watching. (Be sure to check out the baby seals at Blakeney Point!) Take the little ones pond dipping for tadpoles, hire a boat and take it out on the broads, or just relax and eat some deliciously fresh local produce and seafood. When you are ready to call it a day, retreat to a pet friendly holiday cottage in Sibton or stay at the unique and luxurious Whitehall Barn, situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the North Norfolk Coast.


Where will you stay?

When you are ready to spend glorious spring days in a gorgeous destination that is just around the corner, Together Travel Co. is here to bring your holiday dreams to life. Why deal with stressful airport queues, when you can load up your car and be at an amazing UK destination before you know it? It’s easy to connect with your family as you explore together from a home base at one of our dreamy cottages or an elegant holiday home. No matter which springtime destination you prefer, we have a wealth of luxury cottages in the UK for you to enjoy. Find out how we can make your holiday amazing by contacting our expert concierge team at +44(0)1625 416430 or emailing us for more information.