Our neighbours come in all shapes & sizes


The sprawling coastal hideaways around John O’Groats are recognised as some of the best places in the UK to spot unusual wildlife. From brightly coloured puffins that flock against the sea cliffs to sneaky grey seals that haul themselves onto hidden beaches to raise their pups, there's something for everyone to see during most of the year. For budding naturalists, we provide a handy walking map in each of our apartments and lodges, so that you can pull on your walking boots and get knee deep in the great outdoors!



  • Atlantic puffins can be seen at John O'Groats during their breeding season, which runs generally from May to July.
  • Guillemots, Fulmars, Oystercatchers, Kittiwakes and a variety of gulls can also be seen soaring through the sky.
  • Nearby Dunnet Head is a perfect day out for avid twitchers, as it boasts the RSPB's largest reserve in the UK, where you can also spot razorbills, shags and cormorants.


Marine Life

  • Grey Seals can be seen lounging on the beaches or twirling through the surf at all times of the year.
  • Orcas (killer whales) are regularly seen off the coast, and navigate their way through the pentland in large pods.
  • Sea otters are sometimes spotted off the Caithness coast, which are best seen from from organised boat trips and marine mammal watches.
  • Dolphins and minke whales have also been known to grace the headland with their beautiful aquatic displays, and are well worth looking out for from our cosy apartments!



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