Sherborne Castle and Gardens

Sherborne Castle and Gardens

Whether you love history or enjoy scenic views, Sherborne Castle and Gardens is the ideal place to spend the weekend. This luxurious destination attracts visitors from across the country and across the world, and it is waiting to welcome you as well. Guests admire the landscape and architecture while taking in the history and contributions of Sir Walter Raleigh. Beyond wandering through the marvellous hallways of the estate and smelling the flowers throughout the landscape, there are plenty of opportunities for recreation, shopping, and fun. Connect with Together Travel Co. to learn more about planning a UK staycation at Sherborne Castle.

Take a Step into the Past at Sherborne Castle

A trip to Sherborne Castle is more than just a trip to an old estate. Rather, this site allows you to step into the past and better understand the UK's heritage. Sherborne's Old Castle was first built in the 12th century by Roger Bishop of Salisbury, and you can still admire the ruins just a few miles away from the current estate. In 1592, the famed Sir Walter Raleigh acquired the Old Castle, planning on bringing it into the modern age. However, by 1594, he had decided to build a new home on the site of the old Hunting Lodge. The new owner, Sir John Digby, moved in by 1617 and expanded the house—adding four extra wings to the grand building. Throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, owners continued to modernise the estate, and Capability Brown began the hard work of landscaping the grounds. Over the years, kings, queens, and diplomats have visited the estate, and it has been used as a hospital for wounded soldiers. With 400 years of British heritage behind it, Sherborne Castle is the history buff's paradise.

Pass the Time at Sherborne Gardens

Sherborne features 42 acres of Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, from which visitors can take in more than 1,000 acres of parkland. The venue hosts two different walks, a 50-minute Pleasure Grounds and Fossil House Walk and a 45-minute Thatched Hut and Gingko Lawn Walk. Whichever walk you choose, you will have the chance to enjoy spring daffodils, a reflection lake, and tranquil Gingko trees. Here are a few other ways to make the most of your day at Sherborne Gardens:

  • Sherborne Wines: Indulge in one of Sherborne's fine wines for purchase. There is something for every palate, including brandy and sparkling white wines.
  • Pannier Market: Take a trip into town to explore Pannier Market. This weekly market features everything from fresh fruits to handmade chocolates.
  • Autumn Colours Weekend: Autumn is an especially beautiful time in Sherborne! If you and your family are planning a visit as the leaves change colour, be sure to book your tickets for Autumn Colours Weekend and the Children's Autumn Pumpkin Trail.
  • Fireworks: On very special occasions, Sherborne Castle and Gardens has been known to host firework shows. If you see a session listed on their events calendar, Together Travel Co. highly recommends attendance.

Your Quick Guide to Visiting the Castle and Gardens

Because Sherborne Castle is such a cherished historic site, visiting does require a little research beforehand. Fortunately, Together Travel Co. has compiled a quick and easy guide to visiting the majestic castle and gardens for the first time:

  • Dining—Breakfast, coffee, and lunch are served at the Walled Garden Restaurant, The Elms, and The Eastbury. Picnics are welcome in all areas of the Gardens.
  • Languages—Sherborne Castle offers language information sheets for visitors who speak French, Italian, Spanish, and German.
  • Pets—Dogs are welcome in the Gardens as long as they stay on a short lead. Only guide and assistance dogs may enter the Castle.
  • Cameras—Photography is not permitted inside the Castle.
  • Footwear—Sharp-heeled shoes may not be worn inside the Castle in an effort to avoid damage to the floors.

Choosing an Accommodation in Sherborne

With so much to do and so many places to visit in Sherborne, you are going to want a luxurious accommodation to make the most of your stay. Luckily, Together Travel Co. can help you choose the perfect place to spend the weekend. We connect people with luxury cottages, sprawling manor houses, and historic hotels where they can live out their staycation in style. Consider staying at a local Sherborne accommodation, or choose a cosy holiday cottage within the Dillington Estate.

Look to Together Travel Co. for Planning Help

Holiday planning isn't always a walk in the (historic) garden. Fortunately, Together Travel Co. makes planning stress-free and even fun! We are excited to turn your dream staycation into a reality, whether you make the trip to Sherborne Castle and Gardens or prefer a different off-the-beaten-path locale. Instead of making another trip to London, try a new adventure with Together Travel Co. Contact us today for more information.