North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Experience the Magic of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Take a step back in time and experience the mighty locomotive at North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR). The NYMR is a heritage railway line winding through the picturesque North York Moors National Park, with various stops and attractions of interest along the way. With activities, crafts, and a chance to take a trip on a real steam or diesel train, it is an unforgettable day out for the whole family!

Are you planning a visit to WhitbyGlaisdale, or elsewhere in North Yorkshire? Check out our helpful guide below to discover how a trip on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway offers a unique glimpse into Britain’s steam-powered past, captivating both the young and the young-at-heart.

Various Fare Options & Stations Along the Route

Depending on your starting point, you can reach the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in various ways. The main stations along the route include Pickering, Levisham, Goathland, Grosmont, and Whitby. Visitors can drive to these locations as they are well-connected by roads, or they can use public transport and connect to the railway from local stations. It is advisable to check the NYMR website for the most up-to-date timetables, fares, and events. Tickets can often be purchased in advance online, with various fare options available. Ask about family fares and discounts for seniors and children. Tickets typically allow for all-day travel, so that you can hop on and off at different stations.

Things to See and Do During Your Train Journey

Witness the majestic beauty of heritage steam and diesel locomotives as they chug along the Northern Yorkshire Moors Railway tracks. Each station offers its own unique snapshot of a bygone era, with traditional signage, gas lighting, and Victorian-era architecture. Some stations also have museums or exhibitions, such as the educational visitor centre at Pickering Station. Stepping off the train presents the chance to explore the beautiful North York Moors up close and personal. From gentle countryside strolls to more challenging hikes across the moors, routes are available to suit all abilities. Do not miss these points of interest at notable stops along your train journey:

  • Pickering Station – Often considered the gateway to the NYMR, Pickering Station is a beautifully preserved 1930s-style station. A short walk from the station is the Beck Isle Museum, boasting a collection of photographs, costumes, and artefacts offering a glimpse into the local history and lifestyle. The town itself, with its classic market street and the imposing Pickering Castle, provides a charming backdrop for a leisurely day out.
  • Goathland Station – Made famous as Hogsmeade Station in the Harry Potter films, Goathland Station offers a magical experience with its quaint village surroundings and footpaths leading into the heart of the moors. The nearby Mallyan Spout Waterfall and the ancient, tangled woodlands offer breathtaking views. The village’s 1940s-themed shops conjure a nostalgic atmosphere, adding to the charm of this historic stop.
  • Grosmont Station – You will not want to miss the working engine shed open to the public at Grosmont Station. The village itself, with its scenic streets and the historic Grosmont Castle, offers a quiet retreat for solo travellers, couples, and families. The North York Moors Historical Railway Trust is also based here, providing fascinating insights into the preservation and operation of the iconic railway.
  • Whitby – Although not directly on the NYMR, the surrounding coastal town of Whitby offers visitors a mesmerising blend of maritime history and folklore. Places to visit in Whitby include the hauntingly beautiful Whitby Abbey (made famous in Dracula), the bustling fish market, and the sweeping sandy beaches. The town’s gothic atmosphere makes it an essential stop.

Immerse Yourself in a Memorable Railway Adventure

Special themed train rides add to the enchantment of the NYMR experience. From the magical Wizard Adventure Train for Harry Potter fans to the Halloween Ghost Train offering spooky thrills for families, these themed rides transform the journey into a memorable adventure. The Pullman Dining Experience is perfect for those seeking a touch of luxury, during which passengers can enjoy a gourmet meal on board amidst the rolling countryside. Additionally, period-specific events like 1940s Wartime Weekends immerse passengers in historical reenactments, complete with era costumes and music.

A Few Tips About the Facilities & Making the Most of Your Visit

Most stations along the North Yorkshire Moors Railway have basic facilities such as parking, restrooms, and cafes or refreshment kiosks. Trained assistance dogs are always welcome. The railway and its stations have been upgrading visitor facilities to improve accessibility for all visitors, but it is best to enquire ahead if you have specific needs. The weather in North Yorkshire can be unpredictable, so dress in layers and be prepared for rain or sunshine. Arriving early (especially during peak times) allows for a better seat selection and less rushing. You will not want to miss the railway’s many gift shops offering souvenirs, books, and train memorabilia appealing to visitors of all ages. To make the most of the surrounding area, consider staying overnight in one of the quaint towns or villages near the railway.

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In short, a visit to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is more than just a train ride. It is a cultural and educational experience sharing the rich heritage of rail travel while showcasing various attractions in North Yorkshire and Whitby. Whether you are a history buff, rail enthusiast, or someone who enjoys scenic landscapes, the NYMR is an adventure well worth the ticket cost. 

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