National Trust Trerice Manor

Trerice House and Gardens by the National Trust

Enjoy the Elizabethan Elegance of Trerice Manor

Are you fascinated by history? Perhaps you are looking for a holiday spot that is both scenic and entertaining. In either case, Trerice House and Gardens is the ideal destination for you and your family. This Elizabethan manor is a favourite among things to do in Cornwall and offers numerous special events, daily activities, and artistic experiences. At Together Travel Co., we're happy to help you plan your getaway to Trerice Manor Gardens by the National Trust. Whether you already live near Newquay or you are planning a road trip to this destination, our concierge team will make it a holiday to remember. Get the details on this quaint, historic locale.

Get Acquainted with Trerice Manor

About 700 years ago, Trerice was inherited by the Arundell family. In 1572, John Arundell V began construction on the stately mansion that governs the area today. The Arundells took up residence at Trerice Manor until 1768, when the property passed to the Acland family. However, the Aclands were not often present at the manor. Instead, Sir Acland mostly used the Great Hall for entertaining guests. After years without permanent residents, the Elton family took up tenancy in 1953. John Elton invested in improving the property and rebuilding the north wing, which had been falling apart. Unlike the Aclands, Elton hoped to turn Trerice into a family home. While the property may not have felt like home to all its historical residents, today, visitors from across the world have the chance to take in the mansion's splendour and elegance.

Explore Lush Gardens

The house at Trerice is home to many attractions, not least of all 16th-century glass, stunning architecture, and unmatched views. But many visitors choose to spend their time at the estate outdoors. The garden at Trerice is something to behold, full of blooming flowers and aromatic apple trees. Guests admire the floral beauty of all these parts of the garden:

  • Apple orchard
  • Knot garden
  • Floral borders
  • Kayling lawn
  • Parade ground
  • Mowhay

Connect With Who Matters Most

A UK staycation to Trerice Manor is an excellent opportunity to get back to family. The property features numerous activities for children of all ages. Some of these activities are planned by manor staff, while others are more self-guided in nature. But no matter how you choose to pass the day, you are sure to enjoy time with the whole family. Here are our recommendations for family activities at Trerice:

  • Playing Cornish kayles on the kayling lawn
  • Dressing up in Elizabethan fashion
  • Walking through the turf maze and garden
  • Strolling through the second-hand bookshop
  • Exploring the gardens with a scavenger hunt

Trerice Manor Is Perfect for Seasonal Events

Trerice Manor is perfect for visiting all year round! But if you plan your trip right, you could coincide with exciting seasonal events. The team at Trerice puts on several events each year, many of which are ideal for families with young children. Autumn and winter are when the estate really starts teeming with fun and holiday spirit. Plan your trip around these events:

  • Autumn nature trails
  • Archaeology events focusing on the medieval farm
  • Christmas decorations
  • Winter activity check sheet
  • Father Christmas storytelling
  • Christmas carols from the Trerice Volunteer Choir

Admire Stunning, Historic Art Collections

Maybe you don't plan on travelling with kids, or perhaps your family is full of art loves. In these cases, you cannot miss the incredible art collection at Trerice Manor and Gardens! With over 1,000 digitised items, many of which are prominently displayed in the home itself, Trerice features numerous art styles and subjects. In addition to intricate portraits and paintings, the art collection includes:

  • 17th-19th century furniture
  • Antique housewares
  • Clocks
  • 17th-century embroidered pictures
  • Sculptures and busts
  • Written works
  • Vases
  • Photographs
  • Etchings

Ask Us About Accommodation Near Trerice Manor

Together Travel Co. is glad to connect you with stunning accommodations close by Trerice Manor. Our concierge team will listen to your needs and point you to the best option. You will have your pick of luxury penthouses, cosy cottages, and sprawling estates. Book with us at one of these accommodations:

  • Fistral Beach, Newquay: Beach lovers' hearts will skip a beat at this holiday accommodation. Our Newquay apartments have fantastic sea views and plenty of beaches in the vicinity. You will also be close to several Michelin-star restaurants!
  • Tresillian House: If you are looking for something a little more quaint, book with the Tresillian House in the heart of North Cornwall. This off-the-beaten-path manor house features secluded rooms and blossoming gardens. But you will not have to compromise proximity for seclusion—Tresillian House is just a quick drive from attractions in Newquay.

Explore More Places to Visit Near Newquay

When you choose Together Travel Co. as your UK staycation partner, you can expect the gold standard in customer service and holiday planning. Whether Trerice Manor sounds like the destination for you, or you would rather explore more options, our team is here to help. Contact the seasoned concierge team at Together Travel Co. to learn more about off-beat UK destinations.

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