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Renowned for it's incredibly natural pantry, sample Somerset's culinary cornucopia whilst staying at the Dillington Estate with Together Travel. From the exceptional butchery to the dairy products made famous from the lush grazing pastures (don't forget the home of the iconic Cheddar cheese is located in Somerset!), the local ingredients on offer form the basis of some of the most beautiful plates in the country. Somerset's mild and gentle climate has also long been associated with remarkable cider-making, with a myriad of orchards pressing all over the region.

Each of the below restaurants, cafes and bistros are within a short drive of the luxury cottages and offer a wide range of dishes, suitable for every mood!

Dinnington Docks

The Dinnington Docks

(8-minute drive away)

A rare, unspoilt country pub set within the rolling countryside of Somerset, the pub offers vast ales and wines to compliment a menu with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.



(7 minutes drive away)

For the veggies and vegans or if you aren’t either of these you will be surprised – this specialises in Moroccan, Mexican and Vietnamese Cuisine this a perfect spot for lunch. After finishing a sumptuous lunch filled with fragrant spices and an array of colour, indulge in a slice of one of their homemade cakes before heading home.

Todays Menu

Today’s Menu

(3-minute drive away)

Sit within the cosiest restaurant in an unhurried, relaxed environment and eat until your hearts content. A favourite is the wood fired scallops with pancetta, white wine, and samphire to the rib eye with confit tomatoes and sauteed potatoes finished with an amaretti and chocolate pudding.

Monks Yard Cafe

Monks Yard Café

(9 minutes drive away)

A café serving local food and drinks it is the perfect spot for brunch or the perfect Sunday lunch. Enjoy quality origin coffee or a loose-leaf tea with their homemade cake of the day or a scone straight from the oven!

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