Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Visiting the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby

Are you familiar with the tales of exploration and expeditions across unknown waters made famous by Captain James Cook? A visit to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby provides a unique glimpse into Captain Cook’s life while offering a gateway to adventure and discovery. Housed in the 17th century building where Captain Cook once lived, the museum celebrates his life, voyages, and legacy. Visit the museum and make your own treasured memories during this fascinating family day out.

Are you planning a visit to the Whitby or Glaisdale area? Check out our helpful guide below to learn more about the Captain Cook Memorial Museum’s collections, exhibitions, and visitor experience.

Hear the Famous Stories of the Legendary Captain Cook

Captain James Cook was a British navigator, explorer, and cartographer who left an indelible mark on the history of exploration. Born on November 7, 1728, in Marton, Cook embarked on three groundbreaking voyages across the Pacific Ocean. Cook is credited with the first recorded European contact with Australia’s eastern coastline and the Hawaiian islands, as well as the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand. Cook’s detailed maps and keen observations transformed European knowledge of the Pacific and its many islands. Sadly, his career came to a tragic end when he was killed during an encounter with Native Hawaiians in 1779. Nonetheless, Captain Cook’s legacy of scientific exploration and cross-cultural interaction continues to inspire adventurers and scholars globally.

Not-to-be-Missed Captain Cook Collections & Exhibitions

Whether you are a maritime enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking for a cultural family outing, the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby promises a captivating experience for all. When you visit the museum, you will have the opportunity to encounter all of the following:

  • Historical Artefacts – The museum boasts an impressive collection of original artefacts related to Captain Cook’s voyages, including maps, letters, illustrations, and personal possessions.
  • Voyage Accounts – Detailed accounts of Cook’s three great voyages provide an educational tour for anyone interested in naval history or the science of navigation.
  • A Peek into the Past – See the attic where Cook lived as an apprentice and the master’s quarters, which reflect the building’s original 17th century features.
  • Special Exhibitions – The museum regularly hosts special exhibits focusing on various aspects of Cook’s life and the era of exploration, providing fresh perspectives and reasons for repeat visits.
  • Educational Programs – Interactive and educational resources are available for schools and families, making it an enlightening experience for visitors of all ages.

About the Visitor Experience: Ticket Prices & Facilities

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby is easily accessible by car. It is located near the harbour, within walking distance of public parking. It can also be reached via public transport, with the Whitby train station being a short walk away. The museum is typically open from late March to early November. Check the museum’s website for opening times and ticket prices, as they may vary seasonally. Ask about discounts for children, students, and family groups. The museum has a gift shop selling souvenirs and books related to Captain Cook and his voyages. Accessibility can be limited due to the historic nature of the building, so it is best to enquire ahead if you require special accommodations during your visit.

Explore Other Attractions in Whitby During Your Visit

Beyond the Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby offers other attractions echoing the town’s colourful history and connection to the sea. Other places to visit in Whitby include:

  • Whitby Harbour – Explore the bustling Whitby Harbour, where modern-day vessels and historical fishing boats paint a picturesque scene. It is a perfect spot for a seaside stroll or to enjoy fish and chips by the waterfront.
  • 199 Steps to Whitby Abbey – Challenge yourself with a climb up the famous 199 steps leading to the ruins of Whitby Abbey. Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Whitby and the North Sea from the top, making the ascent more than worthwhile.
  • Whitby Museum – Delve deeper into the town’s history at the Whitby Museum, with its eclectic collection ranging from fossils to maritime artefacts.
  • Pannett Park – For a more relaxed experience, visit Pannett Park. An ideal spot for a picnic or leisurely stroll, Pannett Park offers beautifully landscaped gardens and a peaceful retreat.
  • Whitby Beach – No visit to Whitby would be complete without spending time at Whitby Beach. With its sandy stretches and rock pools, it is a local favourite for families and beachcombers.

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