Added sparkle throughout the festive season...

5 reasons why bagging a Christmas staycation should be at the top of your wishlist

From quaint stone cottages to remote lighthouses, Victorian castles to coastal apartments, embrace this Festive season the right way with Together Travel in one of our hidden gem locations. Whether you're seeking a romantic escape for two or a property that’s roomy enough to accommodate your extended family and friends, we have a selection of hideaways to help you make unforgettable memories this Christmas.

Here are our top reasons why getting away this Christmas could be the best decision you’ve made:

Escaping the annual routine…

Christmas can feel like a looming, burden for many people; “who’s parents house shall we visit this year? Do we have enough room?”. Or, if you are hosting ‘Christmas Dinner’, the niggling concern that you are missing someone off the invite list. So rather than counting down the days in child-like excitement as you should, you end up dreading the complexities, which come with this time of the year.

Booking a festive staycation removes this stress and means that you can enjoy Christmas with your nearest and dearest. If you are looking to escape the commitment of a big family celebration, look no further than booking a getaway with Together Travel - no more spending the whole day ferrying your little ones between relative’s houses, family politics, false niceties, forced fun, or small talk with your twice-removed cousin who you only see at Christmas anyway. You may be thinking ‘bah humbug’, but even if you return to the family table the following year, you are entitled to spend at least one December away from it all!

Congregating in a special place

Contrary to those who want to escape the commitments of Christmas, there are those who are looking for the perfect festive grotto to congregate their chosen group of family or friends. As we offer accommodation types which range from cosy one-bedroom cottages to multi-bedroom manor houses, you can be assured that we have a property which will suit your whole clan.

On another note, if your usual ‘Christmas Dinner’ tribe are scattered all over the country, booking one of our retreats means you can choose a destination, which means that nobody will feel they’ve drawn the short straw to travel the furthest.

More Quality time

If you have teenagers or young children, you’re probably not looking forward to the struggle of spending Christmas trying to prise their little eyes away from their phones or games consoles to join in the family fun. If you opt for a staycation, you won’t have to feel in competition with the latest Xbox game and can instead spend some quality time with your little ones. A Christmas staycation is the perfect excuse for a ‘digital detox’, so warm the hot chocolates and get stuck into a traditional game of charades.

The Chance to try Something Different

It’s easy to get caught into the same monotonous routine each Christmas. Eating the same Christmas Dinner, before falling asleep in front of the television.

Sound familiar? Then why not switch it up?

Escape to one of our rural destinations and marvel at the winter wonderland which unfolds around you. Wake up to a landscape covered with blankets of snow and jewels of glistening frost which decorate the great outdoors. If a retreat to the coast is more your forte, you can look forward to a Christmas Day stroll along the beach before returning to your retreat to curl up next to a crackling fire.

Saving some money

Booking a holiday isn’t something you would normally associate with saving money, but it could help you save on some of the usual costs that the festive season brings. Think about it, less obligatory present buying for distant relatives and the fact that you feel less inclined to go over the top on presents as you are on holiday, which is a present in itself!

There are so many reasons why booking a staycation over Christmas is a great idea. Call our friendly Concierge Team on 01625 416 430 to discuss your requirements and book the perfect retreat for your festive getaway.