3 reasons why the staycation is on the rise

It's time to pack your bags...

​Every year many Britons are deciding to swap the long airport queues and delayed flights for a glorious staycation on home soil.  Many are also beginning to realise that there are incredible hidden-gem locations across Britain which rival (if not surpass!) some of sights they would have previously gone through the drawn-out airport process to visit. Here are the top reasons why many holiday-goers are favouring a staycation in Great Britain for their next holiday:

1. It’s as easy as A, B, C…

Forget stressful airport queues, delays and obsessively checking whether you have remembered to pocket the passports (a truly dreadful way to start any holiday). Opting for a staycation means that all you have to worry about is packing the car and you’re on the way. As many of our retreats are in stunning countryside locations and picturesque coastal villages, many of our guests relish the drive across the counties - the perfect opportunity to sing-a-long to your favourite music or delve into a podcast, while admiring the incredible scenery.

2. No more kennels for your four-legged friend

When your pup is part of your family, it just feels wrong to leave them behind! Holidaying on home soil means that the pooch can come too and you can both look forward to days spent exploring the great outdoors. Many of our luxury, self-catering properties across Cornwall, Wales and Scotland are pet-friendly, meaning you don’t have to feel the guilt of them puppy dog eyes or return from your trip to face extortionate charges from the kennel and an unsettled pup.

3. Unlock the doors to Britain’s hidden-gems

Have you ever visited somewhere breath-takingly beautiful in Britain and been ashamed that you’ve discounted it as a holiday destination so many times before?  Rather than flying abroad, there is a growing appreciation amongst Brits about the beauties that can be found on your doorstep. Take for example the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides; some of the beaches which can be found on this Scottish island look like they have been taken from a Caribbean travel catalogue.

There’s also the food aspect – you may have tried plenty of Mediterranean dishes, but what about some of the traditional delights that England, Scotland and Wales has to offer? For example, have you ever tried Scottish Haggis? Or a proper Yorkshire Pudding? Much better than the store-bought variety and surprisingly delicious when cooked right!